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proLogistik Expert Days

We look forward to welcoming you on 17 & 18.10. to invite you to the proLogistik Expert Days for wholesale and retail, e-commerce and industry! The event will take place in Dortmund at the Alte Schmiede cultural center. As part of the proLogistik Group, IBB is represented at the event. We would be pleased to welcome you in Dortmund.

Here you will find all important information and can register directly: https://prologistik-group.com/expertdays

Take the opportunity to get to know our extended portfolio in the Warehouse and Transportation area. The event will begin in the evening with a networking dinner where you will have the chance to meet our experts face-to-face. On the following day, you can expect exciting presentations and discussions about the future of logistics.

Product news

Extension to the BONSAI entry page

Two new sections are offered directly on the entry page:

  • Agreement planning
  • Recent simulation scenarios

Like all dashboard panels, these can also be arranged individually by the user.

The “Agreement planning” and “Recent simulation scenarios” areas are available if the “Agreement planning” module is licensed and the user is assigned the authorisation to use agreement planning.

Agreement approval: Approval process controllable at auto-renewal 

Previously, the auto renewal of an agreement did not trigger a approval process. Agreements were provided with the status “Active” in the target year.

It is now possible that agreements with activated approval process, in the course of the auto-renewal, first receive the status “To be approved”. As a result, an agreement only acquires the status “Active” after the turn auto-renewal by means of an agreement approval.

For each agreement category, the selection “Release auto renewal” can be activated.

Agreement planning: extended graphical representation of revenue shares

The revenue shares of the individual classes included in the planning are now also shown graphically as a chart. Each sector of the diagram is displayed in its own color. The arrangement of the individual sectors is carried out according to the maintained sequence of the classes for planning.

If the user moves his mouse over a sector (class), the revenue in the result currency as well as the share of the class revenue in the total revenue of all classes relevant for planning is shown for this sector. In addition, the legend shows the absolute and relative share of revenues.

Supplier management: Invoicing party at suppliers

The determination of the invoicing party has been extended by another level. Now the invoicing party to be selected for the settlement of the agreements per supplier can be defined in the master data.

Contracts: Flexible management of signers to contracts

For a contract, one or more contract signers can now be set per contract status in the “Signers” tab. Contract signers can only be set in the “Draft” status. If more than one signer is set at a status, the contract will not jump to the next status until all signatures of this step have been made. The order within a status does not matter.

Contracts: Presentation of agreements

The presentation of the agrements in the contract (PDF) has been made more compact and the design has been improved. This is effective for all contracts created based on the new IBB standard template. Contracts from individual contract templates remain unchanged.

Document dispatch by e-mail to “cc” or “bcc” receivers

With this extension it is possible to configure that each receipt of the settlement or the distribution in the course of the dispatch is also always sent to one or more configured e-mail addresses in “cc” or “bcc”.

Document archiving: Transfer credit note attachments to the credit note documents

A configuration parameter can be used to specify whether internal documents (from credit note entry or
invoice entry) and/or external documents (from credit note attachments) are archived as part of docu-
ment postprocessing.

The following selections are available:

  • No documents are handed over.
  • The internal documents are transferred.
  • Only external attachments from the credit note should be transferred.
  • Both internal and external attachments are transferred from the credit note.

Administration: Determination of the forcast key figures on the overall level

Up to now, forcast key figures were determined at supplier level or/and purchasing category level. It is now also possible to determine forcast key figures at the overall level. This means that a uniform seasonal scheme can be stored for forcast throughout the company. As before, a seasonal scheme can also be stored per supplier or per purchasing category.

Reporting: Standard report “Promotions and activities”

The standard report “Activities” has been renamed to “Promotions and activities” and two filters have been added:

Filter “Only Activities” with the options:

  • No (default): As before, all settlement lines are exported with the associated activity.
  • Yes: Only activities are exported.

Filter “Activity plan”:

  • Only the actions and calls of this plan are exported

Standard report “Overview of scenarios”

The “Overview of scenarios” report is now available in the standard system (“Reporting” > “Planning” > “Overview of scenarios”), provided that agreement planning is licensed.

The report shows per class, supplier and agreement the calculated return as well as the revenue change and quota change for the reference and plan side based on the planning.

The turnover area in the report shows the turnovers and/or quantities for the suppliers loaded in the scenario – namely “ACTUAL” (turnovers recorded so far this year) – and the associated forcast value of the reference side as well as the plan side per scenario ID, supplier number, turover base, branch and product level.

The agreement results area shows per scenario the revenue of each individual agreement loaded in the scenario – namely for the reference side – as well as the planned revenue of the plan side together with the respective quota and the change representation of the revenue and the quota between plan and reference side.

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