Structured recording of all agreements

BONSAI creates clear structures for mapping all subsequent rebates and invoice discounts.

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We have summarized the most important features and topics for you and explained them in short sections. Feel free to contact us for a more in-depth look at BONSAI:

Process of rebate mangement


Plan and negotiate

  • Objective
  • Negotiation support
  • Monitoring of the results
  • Continuity
  • Administrate


  • Recording of all agreements
  • Marketing allowances
  • Workflow management
  • Control


  • Optimised exploitation of all agreements
  • Settle

    Settlement and distribution

  • Settlement during the year
  • Liquidity increase and cash flow improvement
  • Documentation
  • Solutions in depth

    Central and transparent administration and management of all agreement data

    BONSAI supports the management of all supplier agreements and ensures that you keep track of all valid agreements.

    All agreements, whether bonuses, marketing allowances, target agreements, listing fees or special agreements are recorded and mapped in the system in a structured manner.

    Performance agreements such as shelf support, labeling or cost sharing for logistics can also be recorded.

    Accurate recording of agreements

    All agreements granted are recorded with their exact characteristics. This ensures that they can be automatically calculated and evaluated by BONSAI. Even complex agreements can be easily recorded in the system.

    Whether an agreement applies to total turnover, specific product groups or to the turnover of individual products can be flexibly defined. Multiple variants for stepped and growth agreements are available in the system.

    All agreements uniform and systematic

    BONSAI enables the implementation and consistent administration of a uniform agreement scheme to support you in achieving your strategic purchasing goals.

    By defining and using agreement templates, a clear categorisation of agreements and the specification of a standard agreement system, a clear structure can be established for all your subsequent rebates and discounts.

    A uniform scheme makes it easier to plan the expected income from subsequent rebates. Comparability between suppliers increases and revenues are allocated to their actual purposes through agreement categorisation.

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