Turnover management with BONSAI

Recording of the relevant, bonus-eligible turnover

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We have summarized the most important features and topics for you and explained them in short sections. Feel free to contact us for a more in-depth look at BONSAI:

Process of rebate mangement


Plan and negotiate

  • Objective
  • Negotiation support
  • Monitoring of the results
  • Continuity
  • Administrate


  • Recording of all agreements
  • Marketing allowances
  • Workflow management
  • Control


  • Optimised exploitation of all agreements
  • Settle

    Settlement and distribution

  • Settlement during the year
  • Liquidity increase and cash flow improvement
  • Documentation
  • Solutions in depth

    Turnover recording made easy

    As a basis for the automatic calculation and evaluation of all agreements, the turnover with suppliers represents the most important key figure.

    BONSAI supports multiple ways to record relevant, bonus-eligible turnover.

    On the one hand, the company’s own ERP system or central settlement can be connected to BONSAI via an interface. This means that data on all supplier invoices is regularly available in the system.

    Recording from multiple sources

    On the other hand, with BONSAI there is also the possibility to record turnover figures from the supplier report. The BONSAI Partner Portal provides a fully integrated, digital solution for supplier reporting.

    Turnover data from these and other sources can be recorded in parallel in the BONSAI system and the appropriate reference base can be selected for each agreement.

    Reports from BONSAI Reporting enable the comparison of different turnover sources, for example, to reveal differences between central settlement and supplier reporting data.

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