BONSAI in the Cloud

BONSAI can be operated 100% in the cloud

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We have summarized the most important features and topics for you and explained them in short sections. Feel free to contact us for a more in-depth look at BONSAI:

Solutions in depth

Everything in the cloud

IBB provides an optimal way to operate the BONSAI system with the BONSAI Cloud. Here, the complete operating environment is provided and the experts at IBB ensure permanent availability.

Licensing costs are saved as all the necessary software components are included. During operation, all components are continuously updated.

The server location for the BONASI Cloud systems complies with the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation and all cloud systems are managed according to the private cloud principle. Backups of all data are secured at multiple locations.

This means that even in the cloud, each customer has an independent system and can determine update cycles and new features for itself.

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