Rossmann automates claim settlement and price calculation

Dirk Rossmann GmbH is Germany’s second largest drugstore chain with a total of 2,100 stores. Regarding turnover it belongs to the country’s ten most important food retailers. Rossmann has previously been using a proprietary solution to handle negotiations and settlements of purchasing conditions with its suppliers. When this system was no longer technically up-to-date, Rossmann was looking for an innovative solution for rebate management and claim settlement and opted for IBB Adaptive Solutions’ BONSAI software.

“We were looking for a new solution that would offer the same transparency and level of detail in the price calculation of articles on a net-net level and continuous, revision-safe settlement as we had known in our previous system. At the same time, it should cover additional features such as automated workflows and straight-forward processes for an easier invoicing”, says Anke Schmidt, division manager internal accounting at Rossmann. “With their know-how and quick implementation, IBB’s experts have fully satisfied our requirements. It took us little time to get familiar with the software since BONSAI does not require SAP and offers flexible interfaces which were highly compatible with our IT systems.” The owner-managed company from Burgwedel near Hannover has now been using the “all-in-one” solution with many useful functions such as rebate management, claim settlement and contract management since 2018. “We particularly focused on the customer’s requirements and together with Rossmann made further developments in many aspects of our module for the net-net price calculation of articles, which has led to an even better integration with BONSAI”, says Christian Zeidler, Managing Director, IBB Adaptive Solutions GmbH.


The strategic management of all purchasing conditions and supplier relationships is one of the main keys to success for trading companies. “BONSAI allows us to transparently evaluate all relevant price reductions such as cash discounts, rebates or bonuses at any time. Rebate accruals such as rebate scales, quantity discounts or promotion rebates are automatically projected for the entire year on a continuously up-to-date basis. Our solution therefore allows our customers to optimise purchasing volumes and benefit from better conditions”, Zeidler says on the advantages of BONSAI. In contrast to Rossmann’s previous solution, supplier turnover is automatically fed into BONSAI and can therefore be used for settlement much earlier. “In addition, our processes have become much more transparent thanks to BONSAI’s clearly structured workflows for planning, negotiations and settlement. In our contract negotiations with suppliers we can for example always tell exactly how many percent of the yearly negotiations have already been closed successfully”, Anke Schmidt is pleased. “We have therefore been able to achieve our goals of reducing our manual effort and gaining time for other important tasks.”

About Rossmann:

Dirk Rossmann GmbH is the second largest drugstore chain in Germany. With regard to turnover it belongs to the country’s ten most important food retailers. In the global ranking of the top 250 retailers, ROSSMANN holds position 111. In 1972, Dirk Rossmann opened his first store in Hannover. Until today, Dirk Rossmann GmbH is an owner-managed company with the Rossmann family holding the majority of ownership. The business is headquartered at Burgwedel near Hannover. Both turnover as well as the rate of expansion have constantly been highly dynamic in the course of the past years.

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