Acceleration in software implementations and cost reduction by 60% with OCI

IBB publishes Case Study with Oracle

We are pleased to further expand the partnership between IBB and Oracle. After many years of partnership, Oracle has now produced a reference case study documenting the successful implementation of our BONSAI software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

To optimize the performance and scalability of BONSAI, we decided to deploy BONSAI as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle Database Enterprise Edition offers the ideal combination of flexibility, performance and price. In addition, Oracle’s security focus ensures the protection of sensitive data in the cloud.

The results of this partnership have been impressive: our existing customers have been able to reduce their IT infrastructure costs by up to 60% by switching from on-premises installations to BONSAI SaaS on OCI. New deployments are now much faster, from an average of six weeks to just one day.

With this collaboration, we have created a solution that provides our customers with significant savings, better performance and quality, and a reduction in the workload of their IT departments.

For more information, as well as the entire case study, visit Oracle’s official site:

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