Group-wide rebate management for optimised earnings and liquidity

With its paper and stationary retail brands Libro and Pagro Diskont as well as some 390 outlets in Austria, MTH Retail Group Holding GmbH is a central player in the non-food sector. The group also includes the German chains Mäc Geiz, Pfennigpfeiffer, PAGRO Germany as well as Office World and iba, leading suppliers of office products in Switzerland. Its companies located in Austria, Germany and Switzerland had been using different ERP and accounting systems. MTH was therefore looking for a flexible solution to ensure and optimise the complex area of rebate management in purchasing and settlement across the group.

Thanks to the implementation of the modular software solution BONSAI by IBB Adaptive Solutions GmbH, MTH Retail Group has been able to increase planning reliability and revision safety in the processing of complex agreements and settlements of rebate accruals as well as improve earnings and liquidity. Striving to manage the best purchasing conditions available in the DACH area and to transparently settle bonuses as well as promotion rebates, the retail group has opted for the software solution BONSAI by IBB. “One of the main reasons for our choice of BONSAI were the different ERP and accounting systems which had been in use by our retail brands in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The BONSAI software solution seamlessly fits into our IT infrastructure and helps us process complex supplier agreements across the group. It also allows us to transparently forecast and settle accrued rebates over the course of the year“, says Georg Steinhauser, head of agreement and supplier management MTH Retail DACH, regarding the collaboration. “MTH Retail Group was highly focused on a complete solution that would enable it to handle the entire process of rebate management – from entering the supplier agreements to forecasts and settlement up until the posting of the agreements.

BONSAI’s modules can be adapted flexibly, which allows them to transparently depict the entire rebate management and to automate processes“, adds Christian Zeidler, Managing Director, IBB.


Increasing digitisation and automation of rebate management aim at minimising manual errors, which makes the processing of agreements more efficient and leads to accelerated settlement. “Manual processing often results in errors due to the complexity of different purchasing conditions as well as the compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements needed for revision-safe settlement. Thanks to BONSAI, this problem now belongs to the past. Digital control not only helps with planning reliability and revision safety, it also optimises earnings and liquidity”, says Steinhauser, head of agreement and supplier management at MTH Retail Group. Specific functions such as the systematic processing of group-wide scales were adapted to the requirements of the retail group in the course of IBB’s consulting process.

In the future, MTH Retail Group also wants to integrate processes that can be automated with the software solution. “Henceforth we will expand our use of BONSAI to other areas such as automatic contract creation since our collaboration with IBB has been highly satisfactory”, Steinhauser concludes.

About MTH Retail Group:

MTH Retail Group is a success story of an Austrian retailer with a long history. It unites successful brands from Austria, Germany and Switzerland under its roof. The group now has a total of around 770 stores and almost 5,000 employees, making the MTH Retail Group the leading supplier of products for the office, school and leisure in the entire DACH region.

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