Get N optimises its claim settlements

Getränke National GmbH & Co. KG (Get N) supplies the retail trade, beverage retailers as well as the gastronomy trade all over Germany. It serves as an interface between suppliers and customers, monitors global market developments, analyses the requirements of its customers and suppliers and makes sure that the cooperative is further strengthened in the beverage retail trade industry. With a focus on ensuring the timely settlement and distribution of supplier agreements, Get N is using IBB’s complete solution BONSAI for this logistically demanding task. Aspects such as savings in time, transparency and security achieved through the automation of routine processes are the reason why Get N considers digitising further business workflows with the help of BONSAI.

IBB Adaptive Solutions GmbH | Schönbrunner Strasse 218-220, 1120 Vienna, Austria | The Get N group incorporates eight beverage wholesale companies operating a total of 1,200 beverage retailers across Germany and supplying more than 25,000 restaurants as well as a large number of food retailers with a product portfolio of more than 6,000 products. “Digitisation is transforming the beverage and gastronomy industries across all stages of the value-added chain. As a result, the Get N group is engaged in further professionalising and automating our internal workflows and processes, among others in the area of rebate management”, Jürgen Rosar, Managing Director of the Get N group, explains why they opted for IBB’s complete solution BONSAI at the beginning of 2021.

“The necessity to digitise processes is becoming clearer and clearer, not least because of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the Get N group has grown with the addition of new members. We did not have a future-oriented IT system and had reached our limit of capacity. This is why we are glad that we have now found a solution in BONSAI that facilitates and accelerates our work”, says Janika Ast, project manager at Getränke National GmbH & Co. KG.

IBB’s BONSAI not only allows Get N to guarantee faster, secure and transparent claim settlements and bonus distributions to its members, but also ensures that the group now has a solution that can be flexibly adapted to all internal modifications. “Striving to be fit for the future requires an organisation to use a system that optimally incorporates its existing business processes.

Day-to-day operations should not be organised according to the requirements of the system”, says Christian Zeidler, Managing Director at IBB. Danny Pieper, responsible for Get N’s claim settlement, was mainly convinced by IBB’s 30 years of experience and the large number of renowned reference customers. “Our expectations were based on IBB’s references, and they were fully confirmed: We have found a reliable, flexible and professional partner in IBB. BONSAI offers us everything we crucially need in our daily work.”

Looking forward, Get N thinks about using the full potential of BONSAI in the digitisation of adjacent business processes. “BONSAI can depict forecasts and can therefore support us in purchase planning and steering. We are convinced that it offers further ways to optimise our workflows”, says Janika Ast.

About Get N:

The Get N group is a Germany-wide cooperative of regional beverage wholesale retailers. With its divisions Specialist retailers, Logistics, Gastronomy and IT services, Get N offers four core competencies in the area of beverage services and is therefore the perfect partner for customers and industry partners.

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