E-commerce beauty mail order company flaconi flaconi sets for bonus settlements on software BONSAI

As one of the largest online beauty pure players in Germany, Flaconi GmbH needs a software solution that automates all steps from contracting with suppliers to calculating the best terms and conditions to bonus distribution. With BONSAI from IBB, the company has opted for a solution that delivers everything from a single source and thus effectively simplifies flaconi's day-to-day business. In the process, the software can be continuously adapted to the individual, agile requirements of the online store for beauty products. Through automation and the reduced susceptibility to errors in data compared to manual processing, flaconi saves time and subsequently also money - in the future, further functions of BONSAI are to be included.

As one of the leading online stores for beauty products in Germany, Flaconi GmbH sells around 55,000 different products from more than 900 international brands. Given the large number of suppliers, condition management is therefore one of flaconi’s most important business processes. “We looked at a few software solutions for condition management, BONSAI from IBB clearly stood out from comparable products. No other solution could be so individually adapted to our requirements,” explains Samy Sayed, Product Owner Finance at flaconi. BONSAI was able to convince us above all with its flexibility: “We needed a solution that maps all conditions and bonuses of all suppliers quickly, transparently and securely. We are particularly impressed by the efficiency of the software – our active time savings speak for themselves. “

Everything from a single source – from contract preparation to bonus distribution

The entire processing of subcontracting – from the creation of contracts with suppliers, to conditions management and bonus accounting, to their distribution – is handled by flaconi with BONSAI as a complete solution. “We offer BONSAI users the possibility to continuously adapt the range of functions. This flexibility is one of the main reasons why companies choose us,” says Christian Zeidler, Managing Director of IBB. Likewise, the security of the data has the highest priority for IBB; these are mapped transparently and handled in an audit-proof manner. “BONSAI calculates the ideal purchase volumes to reach the next bonus tier for discounts, for example. A function that also benefits our customers in the end,” explains Samy Sayed from flaconi. With projections, BONSAI also provides planning security for purchases from suppliers.

Ongoing consulting, short training period

Samy Sayed emphasizes the ongoing support from IBB’s service team in a particularly positive light: “Even when we were setting up the software, IBB advised us on how we could make our day-to-day business more efficient. They drew our attention to functions of the software that are now a fixed part of our everyday work and significantly simplify work processes.” Even after commissioning of BONSAI, IBB is available for questions and makes necessary adjustments quickly. In the future, it is planned that flaconi will use further functions of BONSAI to save even more time in the processing process.n. “With IBB, we have found a business partner that contributes significantly to flaconi’s economic efficiency. That’s why we are looking forward to deepening the positive cooperation and will continue to rely on BONSAI in the future,” Sayed concludes.

About flaconi:

flaconi.de is one of the leading German online stores for beauty products and offers an incomparable selection of perfumes, skincare, make-up, hair care as well as tools and accessories.

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