BONSAI News (2/2022)

Product news

Reversal option at document level

With this new function, it is possible to cancel a single document without reversing the affected agreement in their entirety.
In the course of the reversal function, exactly the amounts of the affected document are refunded or reclaimed via a calculation run.
On the one hand, this leads to the exact reverse posting in the posting interfaces and, on the other hand, to the “Debit to date” of the included rebate being reduced by exactly the amount receipted for the original document. On the document of the cancellation process, reference is made to the original document.

Digital contract signing

As of the current version, the BONSAI Partner Portal offers the possibility to digitally deliver contracts and annual agreements from the BONSAI Contract Management and to have them signed by your suppliers directly in the portal.
Thus, the BONSAI Partner Portal offers even more advantages for you and your suppliers and there is no media break in the cooperation around the contract acceptance.

Rebate release with 4-eyes principle

For each rebate category, it is possible to define whether the creation of new agreements or changes to the values of the agreement are to be confirmed by another user with the appropriate authorization by means of a release in the sense of a dual control principle. As soon as the rebate is released, the status changes to active. If the rebate is valid, it will be taken into account in the calculation run.
The change history shows in which versions changes were made. By viewing the rebate versions to be checked, the specific changes become visible to the user.

New process for recording rebate credits

The existing functionality of credit note entry has been significantly enhanced. It is now possible to enter the credit memo document itself in BONSAI and assign it to the rebates concerned.
A calculation run is started directly from the entered credit memo document. Thus, the amounts recorded are reconciled with the income determined in BONSAI.
On the one hand, this simplifies the entry of the document, on the other hand, it also enables a quick comparison between the credit memo amount and the expected income.

Display of documents at rebate level

All documents which contain income of a certain agreement can be viewed in the current BONSAI version via the tab “Documents” directly.

The documents can be called up directly at this point. This makes it easy to see on which documents the agreement was billed. This applies to both settlement and distribution agreements.

Conversion units of measure

Until now, a fixed unit had to be defined for agreements based on order or sales quantities. This unit handled both sales reporting and rebate maintenance.

With the new function for quantity conversion, it is determined at the article in which unit the reporting of conversions or sales is done. In addition, conversion factors to other units, such as square meters, kilograms, or hectoliters, can be linked to the item.

Thus, articles that are managed in different units of measure can be considered together in one rebate with one defined unit of measure.

Pot or distribution system

The maintenance of distribution agreements has been significantly simplified by a configurable preassignment function per business area or category.

This new function allows to preset all parameters of the potting system. When maintaining the bonus, this can reduce the distribution investment to one click.

Performance improvements

Our development team is constantly working on performance improvements in BONSAI. In the current version, calculation times, confirmation times and document creation have been significantly accelerated for many use cases.

With high-performance operating components and optimal configuration, the BONSAI Cloud environment provides the best environment for smooth and high-performance system operation. More than half of all BONSAI customers already rely on IBB’s operation in the BONSAI Cloud.

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