Lagerhaus Franchise GmbH implements BONSAI for rebate management and bonus settlement

We are pleased to announce that Lagerhaus Franchise GmbH, a subsidiary of RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria, has decided to implement our BONSAI software solution. This step underlines the trust placed in our expertise in the area of rebate management, bonus settlement and distribution.

We were able to impress Lagerhaus Franchise GmbH with our specific know-how in the building materials trade and DIY market sectors, making us the right partner for an efficient and successful implementation project. BONSAI enables seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure, ensuring an optimally integrated management of all subsequent remunerations.

Lagerhaus Franchise GmbH will use BONSAI to optimize its rebate management and bonus settlement processes. Our software will help to increase transparency and efficiency across the entire rebate structure. This is particularly important for the requirements of a large franchise organization.

Dr. Christian Zeidler, Managing Director of IBB Adaptive Solutions, comments as follows: “This decision of Lagerhaus Franchise GmbH in favor of BONSAI confirms our leading role in the field of innovative rebate management solutions. We are proud to support them in optimizing their business processes and are looking forward to a successful collaboration.”

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